Relationship Coaching


The staff at The Sandbox are very intuitive, and have a talent for reading people. My DATE GURU’s skills have helped me in expanding my views and openness to the dating world.
— Laura S.
  • Do you sometimes find yourself not understanding what your date meant by that text, email or phone call?
  • Did you have a great time and felt a connection on your date, but yet you are not sure what the next step should be? 
  • Are you just getting back into dating after a few years and you want to know how the dating world has changed?

Let's talk on the phone.  We have been coaching and connecting people for over 10 years. 

Many times you might meet someone great but feel confused on what to do next or what might have gone wrong. 

We are here to coach you through the process and make sure you have all the knowledge and experience you need in order for you to feel confident on your dates.  You will be surprised how much insight a third party neutral can provide on a particular situation!


Adam’s counsel has been priceless! Yup, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus! I used to think things were just black and white, but with Adam’s help I’ve learned to see more of a woman’s shades of gray. His suggestions for weaving through the web of human behavior are better than that physiology class I took in college. Without a doubt, Adam will get you set on a path to see the brighter picture in no time!
— Grant M.
The context in which Adam knows me is purely based in terms of what I am looking for in a romantic partner, so his opinions on my reactions and responses to men are not tainted by say 10 years of friendship…or knowing me in a work context or through one of my hobbies. He calls it like he sees it but when challenged really opens your eyes to a perception that you may have never even considered. And let’s face it, the guy is just easy to talk to. A conversation with Adam is better than talking to your hairdresser! It’s easy to let your guard down, tell him details such as hurt feelings or that bad, bad “gut reaction” response that you fired off; details you might withhold from other friends because you do not want to appear weak (or crazy). And he’s just fun…and funny. I’ve never come away from a conversation with Adam feeling down on myself. Dating is supposed to be fun but we all know that many times it just SUCKS. Adam will almost always find a way to make you laugh even about the worst situation you are dealing with, and give you hope that something better is out there.
— Angela M.


Let's discuss pricing. 



We want to make this easy and affordable for anyone and everyone who would like coaching.  At this time, we are offering date coaching services for only $45 per session. Trust me, 50 minutes will fly by!

My research has found that other companies offer similar services but for upwards of $125 - $200.

Once you are registered, all you have to do is pay to get the coaching process started.  

We will then send you an email to coordinate the best time to talk on the phone.

Good luck and have fun playing in THE SANDBOX.  

We make singles doubles…

Until then, thanks for playing.