The process is very simple. 


I’m tired of girls just using online dating as a way to get drinks and food. I want something serious.
  • Pick your city
  • Fill out the questionnaire - Face to Face - Used to review and match you up

We put you through a 4 filter process

  • Our custom program will identify the best matches for you from your profile

We then have real people setting up real people

  • Your DATE GURU 
    • Will review your wants, needs and matches pictures to eliminate anyone that is not a good fit
  • The last filter is you. 
    • We send you 2-4 pictures with a bio about your potential date.  You have the FINAL decision if you want to meet up.

You will see NO annual and NO membership fee

WE will also NOT be charging something crazy like $5,000 (over $600 a date)

All you pay is $125 or Grab a package of three different dates for $250 - Each person pays - Now you both have skin in the game

  • We will set up communication between you and your match. You have 5 days to talk via our anonymous private Sandbox email before The Sandbox email disappears.  Take this time to plan the logistics of your date... day, time, location etc.  When you have a great time on your date- share your contact information and let the fun begin.  

Last step is meeting up with your date.  Have a great time and share contact information if you are interested in meeting again.



Let's discuss pricing. 



You pay absolutely nothing to register. 

We then start working for you for FREE.  We search for the right matches for you and invite you to all the private and exclusive events.  You don't pay a thing unless you go on a date or attend an event. 

You will find other companies who do some similar things as us charging $2,700 - $5,000. 
I am sorry, but you will not catch me paying $2,700 for a date. 
People in our database have NO problem getting a date.
It's finding a date they want to have a second date with that's the problem.

If you want to go on a date with someone we think is a good match it only costs you $125 or grab a package of three different dates for $250. 
Each person on the date will pay so you both are invested. 

Now all you have to do is register to get the process started.  

Good luck and have fun playing in THE SANDBOX.  

We make singles doubles…

Until then, thanks for playing.