On the First Date

When you are not confident of yourself, others will know and so will your dates. To increase your chances at your first date, you need to increase your confidence level. Confidence is something you can develop by trying even if you have lived without any. There are few things you can do to boost you confidence.

    Make sure you are in the right mind frame to meet someone.

    Make a list addressing all the things you are not comfortable with about yourself. Be honest to yourself.

    Establish which things you think people may not like about you and make a list.

    Improve on the things you think you can do better.

    Others will know when you are comfortable being yourself, so be comfortable.

    Start making yourself the first priority.

    Start dating. If someone asks you out, accept.

    Be driven and determined. Other people love to be associated with driven and goal-orientated people.

    Be proactive and don’t be afraid of rejections.

    Love yourself for who you are and know what you want from your life.

    Become sociable.

    Maintain a positive mental attitude in everything you do.