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Swiping right never found me a connection.

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I’m tired of girls just using online dating as a way to get drinks and food. I want something serious.
Why match with me and never send me a message.
You know if you lie about your age or your height it is still a lie.
Why do you expect me to be a phone sex operator.
Stop sending me a picture of you naked, and hell no I am not giving you one of me.
I’m not looking for a pen pal get some nerve and ask me out.
Online dating sucks!!!
Why are men online at 6’ suddenly 5’10 or less in person.
Hell no I don’t want you to be my sugar daddy. I can support myself creeper.
What the heck is it with you talking to me one day and disappearing the next.
When did online dating become a place for married men to cheat?
Thank God- I’m not going to get cat-fished again!